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FabriLock  Specifications

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I. General

1.01 Requirements and codes

A. All applicable portions of Divisional requirements are to be considered as included with this section.

B. The following are minimum requirements and shall govern, except where all Federal, Local and/or State requirements are in excess hereof.

1.02 Description

A. Provide all materials, labor, equipment, service, etc., necessary and incidental to furnish and complete the installation of integral fabric curtain boards as shown on the drawings and specified herein.

B. Work included consists of but is not limited to the following:

  1. FabriLock fabric

  2. FabriLock thread

  3. FabriLock tape

  4. FabriLock frame

  5. FabriLock fasteners

C. Related work specified elsewhere:

  1. Miscellaneous steel -- see appropriate Section.

1.03 Submittals

A. Submit standard shop drawings for approval. See Div. 1 of the specifications.

B. Engineering Data:

  1. Submit sample of FabriLock fabric and frame for approval.

1.04 Limited Warranty

A.FabriLock manufacturer warrants material and labor for minimum of 1 (one) year.
The product shall be subject only to warranties as may be specified on the products or any literature accompanying them and such warranties shall be in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

II. Products

2.01 Manufacturer

A. FabriLock shall be furnished and installed by Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems, a Division of Construction Consultants & Contractors, Inc.
110 Ninth Street, Clarksville, Virginia
Tel. 434.374.8537
Toll Free 800.991.1352
Fax 434.374.8217

2.02 Materials

A. Fabric for FabriLock shall be woven as follows:

  1. Style: 7721 or equivalent

  2. Color: White

  3. Weave Pattern: Fancy

  4. Fabric Construction: Warp [MDYarns] 58 +/-2 ends/in ECDE 75 1/0 Fill [XMDYarns] 42 +/-2 picks/in ECDE 75 1/0

  5. Breaking Strength: Warp - 250 lbs/in minimum. Fill - 200 lbs/in minimum

  6. Elmendorf Tear Strength: Warp - 14 lbs minimum. Fill - 14 lbs minimum

  7. Weight: Uncoated - 8.0 +/-0.3 OSY, Coated - 9.5 +/-0.7 OSY

  8. Air Permeability: 1 cfm maximum

B. Thread used in hemming the FabriLock fabric shall be woven from the same material as the FabriLock fabric.

C. FabriLock tape shall be manufactured, using a slightly lighter weight fabric, with a heat resistant adhesive that will not penetrate the fabric. The tape fabric will be the same color as the FabriLock fabric with the same coating and testing results.

D. FabriLock frame shall be constructed of 1/2 inch electrical metallic tubing. Tubing shall be continuous at the top and bottom of the curtain board with verticals at 10'-0" intervals to stabilize the curtain board and hold the fabric taut. The frame shall be connected with set screw tees.

E. FabriLock fasteners used to support the curtain board shall be fabricated from tempered spring steel. FabriLock fasteners shall be driven onto the supporting structure and have steel teeth that dig into the member. FabriLock fasteners shall be located at either 24" o.c. or 36" o.c. as per drawings.

III. Execution

3.01 Instruction

A. FabriLock installer, prior to installation, shall receive confirmation from the General Contractor that the walls and ceilings have been painted and the floors have been sealed and/or cleaned, and the building dried in. FabriLock installer shall be scheduled prior to fixtures and shelving being installed. This subcontractor shall report any adverse conditions to the General Contractor in writing with a copy to the owner.

3.02 Installation

A. Installation shall be performed by skilled technicians in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

B. FabriLock curtain boards shall be located in accordance with architect's drawings. FabriLock curtain boards shall be installed true and plumb at parallel and perpendicular lines to the building walls.

3.03 Testing

A. FabriLock fabric shall be tested for both flammability and smoke generation as follows:

  1. UL Classified

  2. ASTM E-84 [NFPA 255] Tunnel Test

  3. ASTM E-662 [NFPA 258] Smoke Density Test

  4. ASTM E-136 [Base Substrate]

  5. NFPA #701 Large Scale Test

  6. NFPA #701 Small Scale Test

  7. New York State U.F.P. Building Code Combustion Product Toxicity

3.04 Finish

A.EMT tubing shall be galvanized steel. All verticals, tees, and connectors shall be painted to match fabric color.

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